Handcrafted Urns built in the USA with Top-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Companion Urns

A double cremation urn to hold the ashes of two adults.

Available in Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak and Hard Maple (pictured)

Adult Urns

Cremation urn made for ashes for adults 75-200 pounds.

Available in Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak and Hard Maple (pictured)

Children's Urns

Cremation urn for a child up to 75 pounds.

Available in Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak and Hard Maple (pictured)

Pet Urns

Handcrafted and ideal for a beloved furry family member 75lbs or less.

Available in Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak and Hard Maple (pictured)

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Why Choose Handmade Urns Over Mass Produced Urns?

Maple Nail Cremation Urns

Heirloom Quality

Good urns are made slowly and take time to complete.
When choosing our urns, you receive the following benefits:

Maple Nail Urns Beginnings

“I built my first Cremation Urn with my brother when our dad died in 1990. It was made from a beautiful black walnut tree from our farm, sawn with Dad and my brothers on Dad’s saw mill, and air dried in the machine shed. At the time, a cremation urn was not the lumber’s intended purpose, but after dad died we decided to use a small amount of this stately tree for his urn. We still own some of the land that my parents bought in 1963 that produced this tree. Today, the timber still grows there, the creek still flows and the land still produces crops like Dad always knew it would.”

John Church – Maple Nail Urns
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Why Customers Love Working With Us


Quality Craftsmanship Affordable Pricing

We create beautiful, affordable, and high-quality urns that fit your budget and are built to last.

Why Buy American Made Cremation Urns?

An American’s final resting place should not be in an imported urn that is poorly made. Our urns are built by hand in the USA with long-lasting quality.


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