How to Choose the Correct Urn Size for Your Loved One

Choosing the appropriate urn for your loved one can be very difficult not only because of the emotional toll but also because most people lack the necessary knowledge about wooden urn dimensions. We know this can be confusing because of the variety of sizes available. We also know you simply want it to be the right size. When considering the correct size of a cremation urn, you should plan 1 cubic inch per pound of healthy weight. For example, a 200-pound human (healthy weight) will fit amply in a 200 cubic-inch urn. If the healthy weight goes over 200 pounds, then we recommend the companion urn as an option. What is healthy weight?
Use the handy healthy weight calculator below to determine the ideal wooden urn dimensions for your loved one. We are here to help and want you to feel confident that you found the perfect piece to honor your beloved.

Small Urns

Small urns are used for small people and pets. Each small urn has a capacity of 75 cubic inches. Adequate for weights less than 75 pounds. Small urns are pre-built and ready for shipment. (Composite temporary urn NOT included.)

Standard Urns

 Signature single urns hold one black temporary urn up to 200-cubic-inchs. Temporary urns can be purchased separately with wooden urn. Signature standard size urns are typically used for one adult person. Single urns are pre-built and ready for shipment.

Companion Urns

Companion urns hold two 200-cubic-inch temporary urns. Temporary urns can be purchased separately with wooden urn. Companion urns are ideal for couples with the intention that they will once again be united. Companion urns are pre-built and ready for shipment. Burial urn vaults in stock. (Check with your funeral director or cemetery if required. Generally, most traditional cemeteries do require it.)

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