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Burial Urn Vault

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Maple Nail Burial Urn Vault

Burial vaults are often made of polymers that are intended to safeguard your wooden urn against the weight of earth.

How is an urn vault for burial different from a cremation urn?

The urn vault is a container that is created to provide a vessel in which you’d place an urn to be buried in a cemetery. In contrast, the urn is a decorative vessel in which you place the cremated remains of a loved one to display in a home, mausoleum, or another place where it will be seen.

How is the burial process different from an urn vault?

Urn vaults are designed to hold urns. This means that, unlike traditional burial urns, they provide extra protection and a constant temperature inside.

Some people might think that this type of structure is expensive but it’s cheaper than most other types of burial structures due to its durability and functionality.

Do you make these Vaults for Burial in-house?

I wanted to offer my customers everything they would need to bury their loved ones in one shop. While each Wooden Urn in my shop is made by me with my own two hands, I lack the materials, machinery, and knowledge to create a proper burial Urn that will withstand the elements of burial.

I am passionate about supporting USA-based businesses, so I was happy to partner with Crowne Burial Vaults. They are an American company located in Indiana.

They create beautiful, durable Polymer vaults that I feel very confident will preserve whichever Maple Nail burial Urn you place inside of it.

Do you need a vault to bury an urn?

Vaults are a requirement at many traditional cemeteries. Please talk to your cemetery or funeral director to determine if a burial vault is required.

Size Chart:

Small: Holds pet or small human urn

Medium: Holds a standard human urn

Large: Holds a double companion urn

What are the benefits of using a burial urn vault?

The benefits of using a burial urn vault are many. One of the most immediate benefits is the increased protection from the elements.

They provide a more dignified way of handling cremation ashes when the intention is to bury them. You no longer have to worry about what you will do with the cremation ashes once they are buried. They will be safeguarded and protected in this polymer burial vault.

Why do you need an urn vault?

If you’re planning on burying your urn, some cemeteries require the use of an urn vault. A vault reduces risk your loved one’s urn getting damaged by water, soil or other underground elements. A vault also helps prevent risk of ground collapse from heavy equipment that is often used in cemeteries.


Small, Medium, Large

4 reviews for Burial Urn Vault

  1. Jacinda

    I ordered the wrong size and they were very nice and all I had to do was send it back and they sent me the small one instead so thanks.

  2. Mary Steves

    Very classy and elegant urn vault!

  3. Lola

    This vault is at exactly as described. It was shipped the same day I ordered it. Was just what we needed! Thank you for your quality product!

  4. Dave

    Mr.John Church went above and beyond my expectations on providing me with a beautiful companion urn and vault. He provided photos of the exact urn I would receive.He only shipped after I had given him the go ahead. 2day free shipping as well.I highly recommend Maple Nail.

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