Looking for something that offers an even more personalized way to remember your loved one?

Did they have any special interests or hobbies? Were they a reader or a musician?

Maple Nail Custom Cremation Urns are expertly crafted to pay tribute to your loved one in a truly unique and personal way


Our personalized custom urns are crafted with the same all-American natural hardwood that our other products feature, while also incorporating a personal touch that is dear to you.

We would love to collaborate with you in creating a distinctive and meaningful urn that will honor your loved one. When you reach out to us about making an urn, I will personally assist you in brainstorming ideas and will maintain open communication with you throughout the project.

If you have any questions throughout the process, such as the size or material of the urn, we are here to answer your inquiries every step of the way.  We will work together to develop a beautiful piece for your loved one.

Burial vaults are also on hand for custom-made cremation urns. While they aren’t included, they are a wonderful addition if you plan to bury your urn.

Message me your ideas today to work out the perfect design.

Please note: Due to the custom nature and heavy communication required in these projects, turnaround times will vary.

Our custom-made cremation urns allow you to honor The most creative individuals in the perfect way

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