How Do I Know What Size Urn to Buy?

Home / Blog / How Do I Know What Size Urn to Buy? Urn size is an important consideration when planning a funeral When planning a funeral, urn size is an important consideration. How do you know what size urn to buy? There are so many options, and most people aren’t familiar with how choosing an urn factors into funeral planning until the time comes. And the last thing you want to be worrying about are small details like urn size at such a difficult time. So let’s simplify this and make choosing the right sized urn as uncomplicated as possible. It’s fairly obvious that the larger the urn, the more ashes it can hold. Cremation urns come in a variety of sizes, and the size you need will depend on how much cremated remains you have.  The rule of thumb with urns is that you’ll need one cubic inch for each […]

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How Do I Know What Size Urn to Buy

Why Do Families Divide Ashes?

Home / Blog / Why Do Families Divide Ashes? When a loved one dies, the thought of cremating them can be comforting. It can feel like they are still with you in some way. But what do you do with the ashes after the cremation? Some people choose to bury them, others choose to scatter them. But another option is to divide the ashes amongst loved ones. WHY DO FAMILIES DIVIDE ASHES? For many, cremation is chosen as the final disposition of the body. This process offers several options for dividing the ashes among family members. Some families choose to divide the ashes in an urn after cremation. This urn can be shared among family members or scattered in a place that was important to the deceased. If scattering is chosen, it can be done individually or as a group.  Another option is to have each family member keep their own urn of ashes.

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