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How Do I Plan A Memorial Service At Home?

How do I make a memorial service at home? Everything in our world has taken a turn towards simplicity. We as a society crave simpler things, and important life events like weddings and even funerals are no exception. Some feel that a funeral should be something solemn and traditional, but others are looking for a more casual and personal memorial service. For the latter, a self-hosted celebration of life service may be exactly what your family needs in this difficult time. Just like we are seeing as a trend in weddings, smaller, more personalized, and intimate gatherings are being favored over large, traditional, and sometimes impersonal ceremonies. Hosting a very personalized and intimate memorial service can be just exactly what your family needs as they process a profound loss. A time to celebrate, remember, and honor the loved one without all of the unnecessary (and often stressful!) traditions like receiving […]

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5 Unique Wooden Cremation Urns

Losing a loved one is an incredibly challenging experience, and selecting the perfect resting place for their ashes is a deeply personal decision. For those who appreciate the beauty and warmth of wood, custom-made wooden cremation urns provide a unique and meaningful option. One of the most distinctive choices is a custom-made organ cremation urn. Crafted with precision and care, these urns can be designed to resemble different types of organs, symbolizing the unique passions or interests of your loved one. Whether they were a musician or simply had a deep appreciation for music, this personalized wooden urn serves as a touching tribute. Another option that allows for personalization is the custom-engraved wildlife urn. These wooden cremation urns feature intricate engravings of beloved animals or natural landscapes. Each detail is carefully etched into the wood, creating a lasting tribute that captures the essence of your loved one’s connection to nature.

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Maple nail custom engraved wooden cremation urn
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