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How To Create A Custom Cremation Urn

You can create your own custom cremation urn to honor the legacy of someone you love. When looking for the perfect urn to commemorate your loved one, one thing you know for sure, is that you want it to honor the legacy of the life you lost. Creating a personalized urn is the perfect option […]

The Best Ways to Honor a Military Service Member’s Ashes

When you pay respects to any vet or service member, you want to give proper respect to what they did in life for the country they loved. So what are the best ways to honor a military service member’s ashes? Cremation ashes are not just a symbol of death, but also a symbol of life […]

6 Funeral Services Ideas for a DIY Funeral

Are you looking for funeral service ideas for a DIY funeral? We understand that going through the death of a loved one is always difficult. Taking care of funeral services can be overwhelming, and it can be challenging to know what alternatives are available. You might be wondering, “What can I do instead of a […]

The How-To Guide to Honoring Your Pet After It’s Passed Away

Honoring Your Pet After It’s Passed Away. When a pet dies, it can be difficult to know what to say or do, to help the grieving process. This how-to guide to honoring your pet after it’s passed away will help you in the journey. I want to share some ideas on how you can memorialize […]

Why Do Families Divide Ashes?

Home / Blog / Why Do Families Divide Ashes? When a loved one dies, the thought of cremating them can be comforting. It can feel like they are still with you in some way. But what do you do with the ashes after the cremation? Some people choose to bury them, others choose to scatter them. But […]

Meet The Maker | Behind the Scenes At Maple Nail

Behind the Scenes At Maple Nail

Home / Blog / Meet The Maker | Behind the Scenes At Maple Nail I grew up the son of a farmer. Heart of the USA, with roots that dug deep. We were taught that hard work and good morals can bring you so much father in life than good luck.  And that’s how I’ve […]