The Top 5 Reasons To Buy Cremation Urns Made In The USA

You have many choices when choosing a cremation urn. But when you buy from your funeral home, are you buying a cremation urn made in the USA?

Probably not.

Chances are, the burial urn you purchased from your funeral home came from overseas. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

If you want to buy a cremation urn that is made in the USA, then there are many reasons why you should. When you buy an urn from a company that is based in the United States, you know that they typically have high standards for their products. They want to ensure that everything is going to be made with care and accuracy. Also, they are required to pay a fair working wage to any employees they may have. When you purchase overseas, you don’t know the conditions the craftsman are working under to build your cremation Urn.

In addition, buying an American-made cremation urn will ensure that you have a locally sourced product. This means that the product will be authentic and made in your own country, rather than being imported from another country like China. When you purchase an American-made product, your money stays here, where it’s needed. Different countries have different rules and standards, and some are much lower than what we have here in the USA. So, by purchasing your cremation urn locally from an American-based company, you can ensure that your urn comes with the manufacturing standards and care it deserves.

The Top 5 Reasons To Buy Cremation Urns Made In The USA

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1) You do NOT need to buy your cremation urn from the funeral home.

There are many misconceptions about cremation. One of the most common is that you have to buy your urn from the funeral home. 

That’s not true! 

The vast majority of people these days prefer to buy their own, and for good reason:

They can get one that is uniquely theirs.

Should you buy your own urn? Many Urn makers in the US will customize your urn with pictures, phrases, or names so that your cremation urn reflects the life and history of the person it contains. This attention to detail will make your cremation Urn stand out and be a beautiful reminder of the life you are memorializing.

2) Buying a handmade cremation urn from a craftsman is usually of higher quality and less expensive compared to purchasing from a funeral home.

Why are urns so expensive? The typical funeral home will markup the price of an urn by 400%. This is because they are operating in a market with no competition. By purchasing a handmade cremation urn from a craftsman, you are cutting out the middleman and paying less for higher quality.

You can bypass the funeral home and buy directly from a US-based urn manufacturer to get a higher quality urn, often at a fraction of the price!

3) You can often order your memorial Urn online, shopping from the comfort of your own home.

Ordering an urn from a funeral home is not an easy process. Depending on the circumstances, people are often required to spend time and energy arranging for transportation for the body and buying a casket. This is why more people are ordering their own urns (also called cremation containers) online.

When you are in a season of shopping for an Urn, you are either preparing for a loss or already processing a recent loss. Whatever the circumstances, shopping for caskets or urns for a loved one is a very difficult process. 

When you choose to shop independently for an Urn from an online American urn company, you can shop from the privacy of your home. 

No salesmen asking questions, no funeral home overwhelm. Just you shopping, when it’s most comfortable for you.

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4) When you buy a cremation urn made in the USA, you are supporting American small businesses and local economies.

It’s important to support American companies when it comes to cremation urns. When you buy an urn made in the USA, you’re supporting small businesses and their owners.

Buying an urn made in America is important to the future of small businesses and local economies. The cost of an urn ranges from $150 to $1,750. When you buy from a company in the USA, you’re supporting family-owned companies that employ people in communities all across America.

5) When you choose to buy your cremation urn in America, you can choose who you work with.

When you buy cremation urns in America, you’re supporting small businesses that provide direct contact and excellent customer service. Often times you can work directly with the person who is overseeing the making of your Urn. This personal attention can put your mind at ease getting your questions answered in a direct and timely manner. You’re also ensuring that your loved one’s remains are safely transported without any damage or tampering because you are the one doing the transporting.

You’ll receive your loved ones’ ashes in a temporary urn or even a plastic bag. You’ll want to transfer the remains to a permanent urn with a tight seal. Keeping the circle of transportation small means that you’ll know who is handling your loved one, and what kind of care their remains are receiving at all times. 

Top 5 Reasons To Buy An American-Made Cremation Urn

While it’s not always common knowledge, we DO have options when planning for burial or display of a loved one’s ashes. You don’t have to do what is traditional or what the funeral home tells you to do. 

These decisions are yours, and you should handle your loved one with dignity and respect. Honor their memory in a way that reflects the life lost in a beautiful and meaningful way, and you’ll rest well knowing that you did the very best for them and their legacy.

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